Gary Ede is a former Executive Vice President of a Fortune 100 company having had oversight for both marketing and support of international business variously including the Americas, Europe, Middle East and parts of Asia. Previous titles included Worldwide Director of Digital Technology with master certifications with several major software providers. Though interested in health and wellness in his youth as a track athlete and in conjunction with his wife, Gary eventually turned his full attention and talents to the principles of natural healing. Among Gary's credentials include two years of graduate study and research in Experimental Psychology, also trained in neuroscience, Emotional Release Therapy and advanced certificate levels in Pranic Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy and NeuroModulation Technique.

Maria Ede, an Austrian by birth, comes from a family with a strong heritage of both modern and natural healing. Maria, two of her sisters and a daughter are or were all Registered Nurses. Her brother was a scientist and chemist, served at the US Pentagon,  and was a developer of natural and alternative health products used by health care professionals including medical doctors. Maria also holds international certifications in Touch For Health (TCM: ACKM, Sydney, Australia) and Holistic Kinesiology (Certification IV: CCM, Hornsby Australia) as well as in-depth studies of Brain Integration (Chinese and Western) and a number of other professional certificates including Emotional Release Therapy (Institute of Healing Arts, USA) and NeuroModulation Technique. For more detail, also see below.

Collectively Gary and Maria have studied and clinically practiced with some of the very best research minds in alternative health and energetic medicine on the planet. Some of these include the following:  Dr. Charles Krebs and Jacque Mooney (LEAP, Brain Integration, Melbourne, Calgary, Vancouver, Boston), Susan McCrossin (Crossinology, Brain Integration, Bolder, CO, USA), Ondrej Bursek and David Corby (Holistic Kinesiology, College of Complimentary Medicine, Hornsby Australia), Arthur Bablis (Energetic Kinesiology, Australasian College of Kineseology Mastery, Sydney, Australia), Penny Booth (Holistic Kinesiology and Chinese Acupoint Brain Integration, Sydney, Australia), Dr. Leslie Feinberg (Neuromodulation Technique, Portland, OR, USA),  Pam Robinson (Emotional Release Therapy, Institute of Healing Arts, Lindon, UT, USA), Master Stephen Co (Pranic Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy, USA),. Additionally Dr. Krebs, Susan McCrossin, Ondrej Bursek and David Corby were all mentored by the late great pioneering Richard Utt (Applied Physiology).


These were and are people who have spent the better part of their lives researching and perfecting their modalities as well as passing along their knowledge to those who would receive it, interlaced with tens of thousands of clinical experiences.


There is much that we owe to the above mentors and others and could not have arrived at where we are without them. However, we primarily credit our Creator who we feel guided us to and through all that we have studied and applied—while assisting us in the discovery of each modality's strengths and the common and profound principles that underscore and support successful healing. During our 20 plus years of combined research and clinical team work we have focused on these principles and developed our own particular approach and tools. Our work is governed and guided by higher principles, tested procedures and universal laws and commences, progresses and ends with prayer. 



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