1. The Whole System Congruence Process (WSCP) is run in the client Automatic Control System and Other-Than-Conscious (ACS/OTC) mind to facilitate internal conscious/unconscious alignment and attunement to universal truths and information set in Divine Mind/Body Templates (DM/BT) standards of information in the Universal Information Field (UIF, or Zero Point Field) in preparation for the following optimizing client Brain Integration steps run energetically and remotely through a practitioner guided dialogue of the client’s (ACS/OTC) mind utilizing quantum physical universal energetic communication principles.

  2. The Heart-Brain Axis Coherence Modulation Process (HBACMP) is run through engagement of the client ACS/OTC (see above) to establish maximum coherence in all neural, biophysical and energetic communication pathways and processes wherein the heart serves as a center for data processing coordination particularly with respect to higher level client cognitive processes.

  3. The Enteric or Gut-Brain Axis Coherence Modulation Process (GBACMP) is also run to establish maximum coherence in all neural and other biophysical and energetic communication pathways and processes associated with the intestinal tract wherein the environment of the gut and its microbiome serves as a center of influence for immune function and mood modulation and for optimum and complete system coherence into which each of the following steps are integrated.

  4. Initial client testing for multilevel processing and removal of energetic and emotional impediments and application Initial Emotion State Clearings as required and Installation of the Energetic Direct Organ/Circuit Activation/Modulation (EDOCAM) Utility to be activated and applied at each juncture in which the accumulated Information Faults (IF’s) exceed log 442 (base 10) or where otherwise indicated by monitored Process Flow throughout.

  5. Activation and application of the Emotional State, Stress and Wave Form Clearing/Reprocessing (ESSWFCR) Utility to be run at the conclusion of each of the following step or step-groupings including calls for NG modified Tissue Repair and Neural Network Repatterning application pathway processing as indicated.

  6. Amygdalae Balance, Thalamic Reticular Switching, Pre-Correction Assessments, Grounding Circuits, Survival and Deep Survival Switching, Foot-pad and Buttock Pressure Sensors, Hypertonic Diaphragm, Righting and Gait reflexes, Dynamic Repatterning energetically/informationally addressed

  7. Inter and Intra Commissure Communication Circuits energetically/informationally addressed

  8. Glial Cell Balance, Communication and Neural Synaptic Management and Glial/Neural Parallel Communication Functions and Astrocyte Signaling energetically/informationally addressed

  9. Neural Cognitive Integrative Centers and Pathways energetically/informationally addressed

  10. Environmental Factors, Primitive Reflexes, Rebalance of identified Integrative Centers and Pathways energetically/ informationally addressed

  11. Reticular Activating System (RAS), Vestibular Imbalances and Equilibrium and Cerebellar Circuits energetically/ informationally addressed

  12. Auditory System, Auditory Areas, Auditory Integration, Cortical Auditory Integration, Auditory Integrative Centers, Auditory Integration and Pathways, Central Auditory Processing Efficiency and Tinnitus energetically/informationally addressed

  13. Visual System, Visual Areas, Limbic Centers for Visual Processing Integration, Amygdala control of Pupillary Dilation/Constriction, Hypothalamic Control of Integration of Focused and Peripheral Vision, Three-Dimensional Visual Integration energetically/ informationally addressed

  14. Auditory/Visual Integration, Auditory-Sight-Kinesthetic Sensory Integration, Visual Inhibition/Ocular Lock, Coordinated Eye Muscle Movement (Tracking, Focusing, Eye Convergence), Visual/Auditory Integration (Internal Sight/Sound location) energetically/informationally addressed

  15. Physical Co-ordination: Eye-Hand Coordination, Contralateral/Homolateral Marching, Crossing of Perception Midline energetically/ informationally addressed

  16. Cardiac/Heart Neural Functions and Integrity Assessed, Integrated and Bilateral and Multilateral Neurotransmission optimized and energetically/ informationally addressed

  17. Pericardium Neural Functions and Integrity Assessed, Integrated and Bilateral Neurotransmission optimized and energetically/ informationally addressed

  18. Intestinal Tract Neural Functions and Integrity Assessed, Integrated and Bilateral and Multilateral Neurotransmission optimized and energetically/informationally addressed

  19. Intestinal Tract and Body Biome and Microbe Networks and Communication Network Signatures Assessed, Effects on host Neurotransmission Normalized and Homeostasis Modulation installed

  20. Peripheral Neural Functions and Integrity assessed, Integrated and Multilateral Neurotransmission optimized, Homeostasis Modulation installed and other nano-memory networks addressed

  21. CNS Glial and Lymphatic Neural Immunity Addressed

  22. Midline and Parallels Brain Integration, Reactive Eye Muscle/Eye Center Protocol, Reactive Muscle Protocol, Dynamic Repatterning Protocol, Visual disorders based upon Eye Muscle/Eye Center Reactivity (e.g. Phorias, Nystagmus, Scotopic Vision) energetically/informationally addressed

  23. Hippocampus – Explicit Memory, Parahippocampal Gyrus, Working Memory Formats and Spatial Mapping/Visualization energetically/informationally addressed. Hippocampus/Amygdalae relationship and joint functions addressed.

  24. Letters, Numbers, Math symbols, Vowels, Consonants, Blends, Forward and Backward Digit Span, Visual Spatial Processing (Block Design etc.), Verbal Concept Formation and Similarities energetically/informationally addressed

  25. Writing Stress, Pen Grip, Arm, Wrist, Hand, and Finger Muscles, Written Expression, Visualization, Visual Short-Term Memory/Coding (Symbol-Symbol, Number-Symbol), Reading, Reading Comprehension, Attitude toward Reading, Process of Reading, Reading Fluency ascertained and energetically/informationally addressed

  26. Spelling Capacity, Attitude Toward Spelling/Arithmetic and Math ascertained and energetically/ informationally addressed

  27. Regeneration, neurogenisis, and retrocausality step including DNA repair, non-coding DNA switch activation and optimization of the Epigenomic DNA expression.

  28. Additional Formats addressed including: Cerebellar Vermis, Cochlear Nuclei, Colliculus Inferior, Colliculus Superior, Dentate Nuclei, Fastigial Nuclei, Lateral Geniculate Nucleus, Medial Geniculate Nucleus, Parabrachial Nucleus, Pontine Nucleus, Ponto-cerebellum and Retina ascertained and energetically/informationally addressed

  29. Further and Residual Clearing of Negative Attitudes and Adverse Seed Thoughts towards persons, partners, voices, sounds, odors, institutions, environments, examinations, performance situations, subjects, places, sensitized sensory contexts and any other integration loss triggers ascertained and energetically/informationally addressed

  30. Reapplication and registration of any necessary final or residual repeats of previous steps as indicated.

  31. Final Clearing and Reprogramming including Testing and Application of Emotional State, Stress and Wave Form Clearing/ Reprocessing (ESSWFCR) Utility including any Tissue Repair and Neural Network Repatterning and Background Integration and Homeostasis Support Programs installed and modulated as indicated or required.

Brain Integration 1, Segment 2 Steps:

In order to further extend the effectiveness and comprehensive nature of NG Brain Integration, Segment 2 encompasses energetic and informational management and modulation of brain and other neural and neural related categories, structures and functions according to information derived from clinical experience and ongoing research in neuroscience and with the object of a more thorough and longer lasting client/subject effect. However, only those following Processing steps indicated below as appropriate for each individual client/subject will be applied in this Segment such that the order and the degree of administration is determined by the client's mind/body.

I)  Electrical Components

  1.       Functions of Electricity in the Brain and Neural Environments

  2.       Myelin and Glial Electrical Coordination

  3.       Management of Local Field Potentials (LFP’s)

  4.       Synapse Activity and Extracellular Electric Fields (EEF's)

  5.       Neuronal Geometry Critical to LFP

  6.       Critical Temporal Factors in LFP

  7.       Resonance Factors in the LFP

  8.       After-Hyperpolarization Currents

  9.       Modulation of Electrical Gap Junctions and Synapses

  10.       Ephaptic Electrical Effects on Action Potentials and the LFP

  11.       Energy Forms and Multidirectional Transmission Effects in the Brain and the Mind

II)  Glial Considerations

  1.       Microglial Intrinsic Properties and Intercellular Signaling

  2.       Glia Participation in LFP Management

  3.       Types and Functions of Hippocampal Brain Wave Signals and Wave Forms

  4.       Cell Adhesion Proteins in Astrocytic Control of Morphogenesis and Synaptogenesis

  5.       T-Cell/Microglia Communication Neural Environment Complexity

III)  Neurogenesis

  1.       Hippocampal Neurogenesis Controlled Brain Circuits

  2.       Genetic Recombination and Repair of Chromosome Breaks

  3.       Neural T-Cell Complexity and Interaction

  4.       Modulated Role of T-Cells in the Brain

IV)  Immunity

  1.       Immune Signals in the Brain

  2.       Immune Signals and Cytokine Networks in the Brain

  3.       Neuronal Regulation of Immune Function

  4.       Cellular Neural Immune Responses

  5.       T-Helper Cell (Th) Communications with Other Immune Cells

  6.       Special Catecholamine Neural Immune Reflexes

  7.       Conditioned Neural Circuitry and Immune Reflexes

  8.       Neural Coordination of Emotional Centers and Immune Function

​V)  Inflammation

  1.       Inflammation Factors in the Brain

  2.       T-Helper Cells (Th’s) in Brain Inflammation/Prevention

  3.       Altering Present Neural T-Cell Behavior for Health, Immunity and Longevity

  4.       T-Regulatory (Treg) Cells Involved in Brain Inflammation/Prevention

  5.       T-Cells, Brain Function, and Degeneration Prevention

  6.       Neural Cytokines that Increase Inflammation – IFN and TNF

  7.       Neuro-Inflammation and Degeneration

  8.       Axon Reflex for Pain and Inflammation

VI)  Repair

  1.       Specific Rectification of Degenerative Damage to Brain and other Neural Structures

  2.       Neural Stroke and Spinal Injury Reflexes

  3.       Tissue and DNA Repair, Remodel and Reprogramming  

VII)  Final Clearing and Residual Modulation Installed

Neuro-Genix Full-Spectrum Brain Integration 2: Summary

Neuro-Genix Brain Integration 2 includes the entire Brain Integration 1 (Segments 1 & 2) Processing steps interleaved with any additional release of emotional roots and dysfunctional triggers required as indicated through testing and Process Flow and additionally the following:  NG Epigenome Modulation Processing (         ), addressing epigenetic considerations), Standard Targets/HPA Axis Processing as required (                     ), the Hippocampal/ Amygdalae Processing (              ) as required, the three-part Heart-Brain Axis Coherence Modulation Process (              ), and the Gut-Brain Axis Coherence Modulation Process (                 ) and an extensive usage of the Emotion/Belief Audit Trail Processes (                ) for more thorough elimination of dysfunctional emotional roots. - Additional details on these and other NG Processes may also be found at:


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