1. Objective & Instructions

  2. Pre-Process Steps & Instructions

  3. Impediments Removal Utility

  4. Clearing Instructions Step

  5. Survival Switching Addressed

  6. Parental Imbalance Clearing

  7. Process Flow Intelligence

  8. Further Process Preparation

  9. Call to the Energetic Direct Organ/Circuit Activation/Modulation Utility (EDOCAM)

  10. Call to the Celestial Field Orientation Attunement Utility (CFOAU)

  11. Call to Emotional State, Stress & Wave Form Clearing/Reprocessing Utility (ESSWFC/RU)

  12. Session Scan and Process Initiation

  13. Energy Centers and Channels Addressed

  14. Additional Relevant Data Session Scans

  15. Hippocampal Central Nervous System (HP/CNS) Functions

  16. Hippocampal Functional Connections

  17. Functions & Management of Hippocampal Brain Wave Signals

  18. Low Frequency Hippocampal Activity & Bidirectional Communication

  19. Hippocampal Effects on Brain-Wide Propagation & Coherence

  20. Hippocampal Neurogenesis Controlled Brain Circuits

  21. Hippocampal/Heart-Brain (Cardiac)/CNS Coordination & Modulation

  22. Prioritized Hippocampal Content, Processing & UIF Accessible Data Storage

  23. Neural Modulation Baseline & Related Program Instructions

  24. Interactive Myelin, Cingulate Cortex, Amygdalae & Nucleus Accumbens Rectification

  25. Energetic/Spiritual & Auditory Pathways Blockage

  26. Identification & Clearing of Residual Negative Amygdalae Emotional & Energetic Data Signatures

  27. Further Identification of Clearing Data & Relevant Factors

  28. Amygdalae Function Coordination Modulation, Heightened Awareness & Autonoetic Consciousness

  29. Additional Healing Considerations

  30. Final Assessment Step

  31. Call to Behavioral & Habituation Change Process (BHCP) if Indicated

  32. Final Conclusion and Clearing

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