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To initiate treatment please submit the Consultation donation and fill in the Message Form including a few details about yourself and/or the person who will be a client.


As not everyone will benefit from processing, based on the information provided we will test to see if the person described is a good prospect for the NG Processing requested.


If the consultation testing indicates sufficient client benefit the specified treatment regimen is to be paid in advance. Other payment arrangements may be taken under consideration. The Consultation fee is non-refundable.

Payment for Autism Rectification, Life Coaching and/or other NG Processes will depend upon the circumstances and individual regimens agreed with the client.

Re: Testimonials & Disclaimer

Though numerous clients have testified to profound effects as a result of NG therapeutic treatment Neuro-Genix does not solicit or post written testimonials. We consider these to be private and even sacred to those having their experiences. Also, lest the results of our work be improperly interpreted to infringe on certified medical procedures, Neuro-Genix Brain Integration and other NG Processes are not to be considered as replacement for medical treatment at the direction of qualified healthcare professionals.


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